Monday, 11 August 2014

Alien vs Predator (2004)

[Post number twelve of the Blaugust Challenge!]

Having detected a strange heat signature beneath an icy whaling station, Weyland Corp begins recruiting a bunch of red shirts to go down and discover an ancient temple that serves as a proving ground for extra terrestrial beings who just so happen to be part of pretty popular franchises. Said aliens are done fantastically well and through clever writing you even get to distinguish a few "champion" class ones. Ok, maybe just one or two. There's a lot of killing, a few explosions, and a ton of work done on the special effects which really make the movie shine.

Also whoever thought up of how to put a Pepsi sponsor in an otherwise remote location is genius. Acting wise everyone is decent enough (even the animatronics) but for the humans you don't really get attached to them before they get squished between the rock and the hard place. They do try their best but essentially they are second fiddle to the monstrosities running about, and that actually works just fine given that people would be expecting the focus to be what the title suggests.

We'll be OK... right?

Overall I score it a pretty decent and suitably entertaining three and a half acid blood splats out of five, and would recommend it to any looking for a light on the brain, action flick. 

Blaugust Bonus: I once went into the horror section of a museum (somewhere in San Francisco I think) with my brothers and at one part you could either go up a bridge to a slanted and odd looking house above some greenish water or go around safely on the side. Being afraid of the water I opted to circle around while my brothers went into the house and since I was watching them while walking along I was caught completely by surprise when a life sized alien sprung out from the wall beside me complete with dripping saliva from its mouth and mouth within a mouth. That scared the heck outta me!

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