Sunday, 10 August 2014

Today I Smiled: Then got slightly Worried :P

[Post number eleven of the Blaugust Challenge!]

No blaugust bonus in this post since it's about real life anyway.

While cleaning around the house today I discovered EXCALIBUR in the garden! Who knew such a legendary weapon was just lying underneath some dried leaves? I did expect it to be longer and perhaps have some wet, gorgeous lady guarding it or have it lodged in some rock but oh well. Silliness aside it's obviously not King Arthur's blade, but what are the odds I'd find a similarly named thing just lying around?

Insert Fanfare music and beams of sunlight as I held it up high! :P

The blade is rather dull and the hinge that lets the blade fold into the handle has rusted severely. Obviously I'm curious as to how and when it came to be in my garden. None of you happen to be stalking me right? For some strange reason as much as I love swords and want to learn proper long sword technique, I've always been afraid of knives. Especially my father's knives. He liked keeping all of them razor sharp and often warned that each blade was always seeking out blood so you had to be careful. The same with all his cutting tools. I learned quite quickly not to mess with any of them.

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