Friday, 8 August 2014

Taeter City

[My ninth post of the Blaugust Challenge!]

From the same bunch that made Adam Chaplin, the gore fest continues in Taeter City. A place that solves crime by broadcasting a silent radio wave that forces potential criminals (and only them, because FUTURE SCIENCE!) to harm (often mutilate) themselves. This gets them the attention of the "Bikers" who then come around with ludicrously high powered weapons to finish them off. The corpses are then brought to the meat factory for processing because criminals taste good! Better not try eat anything other than criminals either or you might find yourself on the menu.

There are lots of things wrong with this movie even if you look past the setting, the bad acting (duh) and the tons of visceral gore. The ruling body called "the Authority" keeps interjecting ads throughout which kill some pacing, there's no real protagonist being followed, there is a very obvious stunt double in some parts (with close ups on the face) and most annoyingly there is a strange camera effect throughout the whole movie that while making it easier for the director to add his FX, will probably give a number of viewers a headache while watching it.

At least all shots of boobs don't have this problem.

I give this one a score of one and a half bullets out of five, and would probably recommend skipping it unless you really wanted a gore "fix".

Blaugust Bonus: I played with the thought of learning to ride a motorcycle in my youth but my mother was strongly against it. As a joke I would tell people that riding a motorbike would be fatal for me since my mom would kill me, but after seeing and hearing about a few of their fatalities I'm glad I don't ride one. Regardless of how the accident occurs there's really just too little protection for my liking. Take care on the roads everyone!

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