Friday 28 February 2014

Forced March

Ack, it's only the start of March and I'm already behind on my planned projects. With no game diary thingies planned I'll try knuckle down and get back on track this month, though it also means I'll be a little quieter post wise (much to the rejoicing of some I'm sure). :P

What's up next in March:
Future Tech: Exosuits and Invisible Helmets (done)
Question Time: The Same Character (done)
Question Time: The Stuff you Build (done)
MMOs: Rewarding the Ordinary (done)
MMOs: A Test of Morals (done)
MMOs: Fame and Influence (done)
MMOs: One of a Kind Items (done)
MMOs: Unmarked Quests (done)
MMOs: Voice Actors (done)
MMOs: Spells and Spelling (done)
47 Ronin vs Bunraku (done)
Review Lost Planet 2 (done)
Review Startrek Online (done)
First Chapter of Guild Story
Finish another NWO module. (done)
Today I Smiled (2/2)
Lose 1 kg.


  1. If you're really serious about weight loss, I'll suggest to you what worked for me. Drop refined carbohydrates or severely limit them for a couple months. Rice, noodles, bread, all out. Extra sources of white sugar, resist.

    To combat hunger, eat meat/protein and veggies in equal portions. The meat especially seems to produce a satiation signal and you still feel full. Either that or it's the fiber and water. Drink lots of water too.

    It wasn't exactly a strict low-carb diet, more of an in-between low and moderate. I still ate fruits from time to time, small portions of mashed potatoes, a spoonful of ice cream now and then, which were all supposedly banned but I couldn't imagine giving up, but didn't pig out on 'em.

    I lost 10kg in 3-4 months, and even now, a year later, have only put back on 4kg when I restarted munching on all the forbidden carbs (though only in halved portions now.)

    I should go do it again soon. Bent the rules for holiday goodies and the weight is visibly piling back on.

    1. Thanks Jeromai - I think that's my biggest problem, the lifestyle change. I'll try my best to lower the servings of those but I don't think I'll be able to just eliminate them out right.