Wednesday 26 February 2014

Dead Island Riptide: Finish Her!

[Part of the Dead Island Diary]

Finally deciding it was time to continue the main quest, we journeyed to the dock lands which doubles as the quarantine zone on the island. Despite the high, secure fencing which the zombies still managed to cross, we required an exploding bulldozer to plow our way in - fighting through a bunch of specials that weren't very dangerous since we had a full team. It really was like a curtain call as every type of zombie made at least one appearance.

Eventually we reached the warehouse laboratory that was making the not-quite vaccine. I call it that because upon finding Harlow we see she's been injected and it's not making her better, it's making her crazy... crazy enough to attack us.  For a smallish female she was doing a decent job of knocking us over (hey she managed to kill us a little) and eventually plugged even more mutagen into her to make her more powerful. The only way to beat her now was to do the same, after which we promptly raged on her and tore the stupid, weak and insignificant bitch into pieces.

How Harlow ended up.

Conveniently, there was another boat docked there so we took it just as Serpo came to try stop us. Not sure how he got there unarmed and all, but we didn't listen to his yells this time and left him to be zombie chow. We then went to pickup the rest of our team before escaping out to sea, only I suppose a whole bunch of them died either in the fort defence or the run to the boat because other than the immune we only had the bearded fellow, the doctor and the food lady on board. Nice to point out we didn't actually go back for anyone else, leaving them to their crunchy and hideously gruesome fate. With that we wave so long to Palanai and to the zombies as we sail into the sunset like true zombie survivor heroes... at least until the next expansion. ;)

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