Saturday 15 February 2014

Dead Island Riptide: The Glory of Destruction

[Part of the Dead Island Diary]

Dr. Kessler failed to mention that the church was in the middle of the damned swamp and teeming with zombies. Maybe they were religious zombies? Anyway, after doing what we do best the rest of the team (minus a few who decided to stay at the fishing village) showed up to accompany us through the horrible tunnels. Only there was a slight hitch - the tunnels were flooded. Fortunately one of the guys knew of where to get a mud pump to clear that out. The mud pump was in a distant workshop, obviously overrun by the walking dead.

Luckily Juris joined us at this point and while he was seriously underlevelled the extra hand came in extremely handy since the game decided to trip some balls at this point with disconnects. In the end I found myself alone, marching through the swamp while the others delivered the pump and helped some french guy with some fuel cans. Ofcourse the french guy tried to pull a fast one on us after we helped him out, but we "convinced" him of the error of his ways. By suffocating him.

Back at the church the pump was put in place but the noise of the machinery would attract a lot of unwanted attention, so we were first sent by Colonel Hardy to get some supplies from a downed chopper nearby - specifically a crates full of mines and a pair of miniguns. Juris was pleased. Once our very significant defenses were up the pump was activated and the zombies began streaming in... or trying to. Between the explosions, flying body parts, burning corpses, and heavy gatling fire the reanimated were soon put back into the marsh in tiny pieces. It was glorious.

"Hasta la Vista, baby."

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