Saturday, 22 February 2014

Dead Island Riptide: Who Do You Voodoo

[Part of the Dead Island Diary]

We were in for another surprise when we got to the comm station of the base. Major Briggs wasn't around to take the video call, but that suit wearing bad guy Frank Serpo was. He offered us a helicopter ride out of there, and we had no choice but to accept. Colonel Hardy was concerned that Serpo only wanted the immune people though, and would leave the rest of the civilians behind. Still, with it being the best way out we started a fire on the roof top to signal the chopper - and then because the fire was so noisy it was luring a whole bunch of zombies nearby... what?

We quickly needed to do a side quest to a nearby stage to play some music on max volume, and what better song to play than "Who do you Voodoo" by Sam B? Killing zombies to that track is pretty fun. Pity we couldn't hang around as we had to get back to the cinema roof to catch that chopper, pronto.

Once it arrived Colonel Hardy was proved right by trying to get the civilians to safety first. Namely himself. Serpo's hench dude was having none of it though and opened fire, killing the good Colonel. Logan, being the angry American (wait I thought that was Sam B), pulled up a rocket launcher (from hammer space) and in a show of terrible marksmanship, hit the tail rotor of the chopper sending it crashing down away from the cinema.

The noise still brought a horde upon us though, the largest we've had to fight yet - and for a change this time we were being pushed back from our positions. Couldn't tactically fall back into the cinema staircase to bottleneck them though as something fell and blocked the path earlier. We just had to duke it out there in the rain against the almost endless swarm of walking dead.

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