Thursday 20 February 2014

Dead Island Riptide: The Henderson Disconnect

[Part of the Dead Island Diary]

Henderson at last. Our first task was to push through to a nearby cinema in hopes that it could serve as a base camp, and given the high number of zombies on the tightly packed streets this took longer than usual. Also the disconnects from the game in this city were ridiculously frequent for one of my brothers. Obviously the game wasn't well designed enough for him to play. Still, he persevered as we kept on trucking and finally reached the theatre.

After clearing out the undead patrons we found a French lady named Jacqueline, the owner of the place living off bleach and fumes in the projector room. She was so attached to the theatre that she didn't want to leave, zombie apocalypse or not.

At least she let the rest of our crew in, but when they arrived Harlow was missing. We figure she got chomped along the way though Juris uses his spoilerific prescience to inform us otherwise. Our rest is pretty short as Colonel Hardy sends us out to try make contact with a Major Briggs at a nearby military facility to ask for evac though, so once again we are wading through the zombie filled streets, chainsawing thugs, rams and wrestlers, bashing drowners, and shooting screamers as we go. I should mention there's a ton of side stuff to do here, but we skipped a lot of it due to the previously mention disconnection inconvenience.

Soon we arrived at the outpost and surprise, surprise - the place was overrun. How the heck could a well fortified position with a lot of supplies, mines, wire fences and artillery fall to simple zombies? Oh, because it's a French base. That explains it. I suspect some of them fled like little girls. *twirls moustache*

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