Monday, 10 February 2014

What's on my Radar?

While I easily get excited by trailers for upcoming single player games, I don't remember the first time I was excited about upcoming MMO Hype, but I certainly remember the last two. The first was when I heard about Vindictus, and being a big Mabinogi fan it looked awesome despite being heavily instanced - until I read that due to region lockouts I couldn't play it. The next one was TESO itself, but my odds of playing that live look grim since it will be using the subscription model which I never use. Ever.

Now I'm pinning some hopes on the distant land of Black Desert. Yep, all because it looks pretty on Youtube. Open world Vindictus sounds and looks good, but I guess I'll have to wait and see about the region settings, payment model, and platform release. Of course, not everyone is as finicky as me so you should go check it out! Just hope it doesn't go the way of Core Online, or should I say - Core Offline.

I might have to upgrade my PC to run this though.

Lastly Juris has introduced me to the anime "Attack on Titan" and damn it's good. Those who are so inclined and haven't seen it yet should go do so. Also I think an MMO like DayZ with Titans instead of zombies would be a good idea. :P


  1. Attack on titan is awesome. Great series all the way through.

    I'm also very interested black desert, looks very pretty but also sounds interesting mechanically. The open world housing and trade systems just sound great.
    With the Russian version already in development and the developers already having started on an English client I think we might be in by the end of the year. Either that or early 2015

    1. Wow, now I'm even more interested! Thanks for letting me know J3w3l! :D