Thursday, 13 February 2014

Wartune is Out of Tune

We've all seen the sultry and most likely copyright breaking ads of this game around, probably even on this very site so I decided what the heck - I'll give it a try. Since it is hosted by the same folk who run Blood and Jade and League of Angels, you sort of know what to expect already. Browser game? Tick. Single path quest line? Tick. Auto-combat with very little combat input? Tick. Pay to win? Tick.

Scantily clad damsels? Tick.

Where it varies is that unlike the other two there is a small city building mini-game that serves as the main hub if you like and upgrading / building stuff takes time. While that's going on you can wander around with your army (my 200+ people were represented by 2 guys) to do campaigns (for quest line), conquer mines (for increased gold), and attack other player cities (to be a douchebag) where like League of Angels the PvP is not against the live person but a representation of their team at the time.

It is painfully obvious that this was their first / an early attempt into browser gaming though because unlike the other two which can technically play themselves with minimal input this one actually detects if it is not in focus and waits for you before resuming any actions. Coupled with the horrible loading times when traversing areas, entering combat, or just opening your backpack it just isn't worth playing when most of the time is spent waiting for screens to load. In this regard it really impresses me how they've improved the system in League of Angels where loading is almost inconsequential - it learned from the mistakes of the others I guess which is why League of Angels trumps the other two in my book.

As for Wartune though, I can safely say steer clear and give it zero hot girls out of five.

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