Monday, 17 February 2014

Who is your Elder Scrolls Main?

Question time from me since all this talk of The Elder Scrolls Online is slowly seeping out from the bowels of the NDA. If you are going to play TESO or have played any of the previous Elder Scrolls game - who is your main character? The first one you create? Do you often change your protagonist? I don't and you probably can guess what I play just by my name.

If you don't / haven't / aren't going to play any Elder Scrolls related stuff I'd still like your input just based on races. Your choices are:

Top Row:
Altmer - tall high elves that favour magic
Argonian - agile lizard folk who favour magic and are resistant to disease
Bosmer - shortish, dextrous wood elves
Breton - fair haired humans that favour magic
Dunmer - dark (of skin) elves proficient in melee and magic

Bottom Row:
Imperial - everyday normal dudes that excel as crafters and traders
Khajiit - sneaky cat people, complete with whiskers - that enjoy making drugs
Nord - pretty much Vikings who like to punch things - especially dragons
Orc - green of skin with under bite, you won't like them when they're angry
Redguard - dark skinned human warriors - best fighters of the land supposedly

Just curious! Looking forward to seeing your answers! :)


  1. I don't intent to play TESO but I did play some of the single-player games in the series.

    Which race I play depends on the province the game is set on. So my first character in Morrowind was a Dunmer. In Skyrim it was a Nord. Oblivion was kind of the exception since I did start with an Imperial but that felt pretty boring so I went with an Argonian later. I haven't finished Oblivion yet and if I do play it again I might just finish it the first time with an Argonian.

    As for class/character archetype, I always tend to go with a fighter the first time. Because like in the wise words of Fighter from 8-Bit Theater "I like swords". Also, fighters tend to be relatively simple in any RPG so it is easier to start off and get more familiar with the game.

    1. Hehe that's a good way to go about stuff! As someone who has stuck with the same guy through all the games in the series (and most games out of the series) it's a pretty novel idea to me. :)

  2. I don't intend to play TESO either, but for the single player games, I always -try- to make an Argonian first.

    Shortly after, I decide that something is off about them - their face looks ugly and too humanoid, their animations suck because they're essentially a reptile head stuck on a bipedal human, or the NPCs are treating me like dirt, or I have second thoughts about how much pain I'm willing to sit through to contract vampirism through their immense ability to resist disease.

    Then I reroll and make an elf of some type - Bosmer, Dunmer or Altmer. This character invariably becomes a mage-thief, using conjured melee weapons, overpowered sneakiness and choice sniping headshots from far away, vampirising at the first opportunity.

    Elder Scroll games are all about singleplayer cheese to me, escapism by being ungodly OP. Have no idea how TESO is going to deal with those sorts of expectations in a multiplayer MMO setting.

    1. Wow an Argonian? I was guessing you and Bhagpuss to be the cat dudes! Never expected that your first try is to make a vampiric lizardman! Yes, the cheese is fantastic in the ES series - and while they still could do that against the npc foes in the online version I don't think it will happen quite like that in the PvP section.

      Unless becoming emperor unlocks your cheese powers. ;)

  3. While it is still in beta, Altmer Templar as far as I am concerned. In fact in any game, the first thing I will try to remake, is a High Elf Knight or any variant I feel is the closest to it. There is an elaborate explanation behid this, drawing from early exposure to Silmarillion.

    1. From reading your blog I figured as much, though I must admit there are far less Nord players on my blog than I like (eek)! Still interesting to see everyone's picks though.

  4. I think I'd vote for Dunmer as first choice. I loved the Morrowind game in particular but I also like to play the spellsword type of character, which Dunmer excel at.