Friday 23 June 2023

KAO, Saints Row IV and Breathedge

Single player silliness.

Kao the Kangaroo

In this very Australian children's action platformer you play as the titular kangaroo (who for some reason is good at boxing but not so great at jumping) who goes on a quest to find his sister. Very bright colors and silly enemies are everywhere you look, and while there's nothing wrong with the game per se, it doesn't really have anything that made me want to keep playing. Not recommended.

Saints Row IV

In a bid to continue to up the craziness ante, this time the Saints are early on captured by aliens and put into a virtual world as "torture" - and to rip off the Matrix. Clearly the alien overlord is an idiot since you basically get super powers in that environment, which negates the need for the many vehicles and to a lesser extent, weapons, that previously featured in  the previous outings.

While there are familiar faces aplenty it does feel like the stakes are lower for most of the game as it's "not real". Did those seventeen people you just exploded actually die? More than likely they were just strings of code. Anyway, this makes the parts of the game where you aren't in the simulation much more interesting but alas those are very few and far between. Still a fun distraction if you like the series though!


Dubbed an "ironic outer space survival game", there was no survival to be had at all as the install just never worked. Might be an unfair judgement but as other games had no problems with installing for me, this one must just be a lousy, worthless game if it can't even do that. The consumer should never need to "work" to make your product run.

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