Tuesday, 22 November 2022

The Matrix Resurrections

Reloading an old save...

Game programmer Thomas Anderson (Keanu Reeves) thinks he's going crazy when he has memories that took place in his games that involve a sentient machine race enslaving mankind and keeping them trapped in virtual reality. Unfortunately for him, he's not crazy at all.

This sequel to the movies (and by extension, this game) is very self aware, actively stating in the early minutes that among other things it is going to rely on nostalgia. Numerous flashbacks (and actual "flash" backs, because they are very quick - thumbs up!) are used as are previous characters - many of whom have been re-skinned (changed actor).

While this an OK movie, the problem is that it's THE SAME movie the previous ones were, just mashed together. And it's not a better movie for it. Despite the extra points I'm giving thanks to Jessica Henwick being there (yeah, I'm a fan), this is a tough movie to recommend.

If you haven't seen the original Matrix(es, but 1 or 2 specifically), go watch that/those instead. If you have... then, you've already seen this too? Basically this is just for Keanu Reeves fans I guess.

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