Sunday 25 June 2023

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

Where ideas go to die?

Hell seems like the only logical place to go after the last Saints Row, and that's exactly where you get to visit as either Gat or Kinzie who are on a mission to save their abducted boss from Satan. Gat has some nice unique melee finishers and the system of super powers from IV makes a return here - only this time they are (un)holy abilities instead of glitching the system. The game is super short though and has cut down on many things.

There's a fewer variety of vehicles (which is ok since your super powers make them moot), almost all the citizens just look like naked ashen husks, there is no customization clothing wise and there are no radio stations. Before you even control a fourth of the map via the ever crazy distraction events you will already be invited to do the finale. Still fun, but it feels like an afternote to the series, which is probably why the option of "resetting the universe" as one of the endings is on offer and why there's a reboot of the franchise out there now.

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