Monday 19 June 2023

The Night Agent and Citadel

Spying some season 1 reviews. It's Netflix vs Prime Video!

The Night Agent (Season 1)

In this Netflix series an FBI agent (Gabriel Basso) with a seemingly mundane task of answering a phone gets thrown into the thick of it when one such phone call leads him to a vast conspiracy that it seems everyone is a part of. There's the usual mix of not sure who to trust, love interest and just a pinch of action to make it interesting. Decent enough to recommend, but it doesn't really make itself stand out in any way. I'd still watch season 2 if it comes out.

Citadel (Season 1)

At the beginning of this Prime series, the mighty spy agency known as Citadel is destroyed by their enemies and it falls to a few surviving members (played by Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra Jonas) to piece together what happened and how to continue to stop the bad guys from completing their plans. Unlike the Night Agent this one stands out in incredibly silly (and possibly un-needed) but cool looking action sequences which is hilarious but detracts from the plot. On the other hand, the non-action stuff that deals with all the spy-related backstabbing is excellent, despite making heavy use of amnesia and flash backs. Definitely want a season 2 of this one, but apparently there'll be a few off shoot Citadel series first. This one wins today's "spy off"! Recommended!

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