Tuesday, 8 November 2022

Voidstar: Helpless Hyenas

[Part of the Voidstar: Warframe-128 story]

In the chaos of battle Phorid was sliced in half by Mania's lacera. The acolyte took note that even the specters of the rail junctions had made their way here with a Rhino unloading its Soma assault rifle into a Loki, only to find the Loki was a decoy as the real Loki flanked him with its Burston rifle. The bullets bounced off the Rhino's iron skin though, and with a roar the Rhino quickly charged with dual Raza scythes in hand. Switch teleporting with his opponent didn't save the Loki from being eviscerated. [He should have used invis more! :P]

Rhino: The toughest early frame there is.

Another specter, this one an Ember, dodged the mortars of the Raptor NS who was promptly dispatched by a comet the Ember summoned above it. Nearby, the Raptor RV dealt with Hyena Ln2 by simply staying airborne and laser barraging the foolishly designed "Liquid Nitrogen" dog-bot. The larger Lynx model engaged against Rana Del who used her Investor Relations training to systematically destroy the Lynx's shield drones and the Lynx itself with her Glaxion ice beam.

Continuing the poor performance of the hyena pack is Lockjaw & Sol who couldn't evade Malice's Opticor due to the magnetic field the acolyte placed on them, and the Rabbleback who was unfortunate enough to come face to face with infested Mesa's peacemakers. It had no chance, just like the infested juggernaut that thought to take on the Gantulyst eidolon. It simply got kicked away, and even after transforming into the greater juggernaut behemoth it could only damage one of the giant's synovias with its tar-quills while hiding in its toxic fog before being crushed under foot.

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