Sunday 9 October 2022

Warframe: On call Wolf, nothing Phorid

Due to the mass demand of detonite injectors, mutagen mass and fieldrons required to make lots of gear, I've found myself camping invasions as of late as they reward said items and the poor infested invasion boss Phorid just happens to be the easiest and fastest pinata to smash to get them. Even if you don't do any other invasion type, whenever this guy shows up do yourself a favor and whack him (3 times). It's very fast (you can even kill him on his entry cutscene) and you'll accumulate a lot of Nyx parts on the side.

I've also finally gotten my intrinsic leadership high enough to summon a railjack crew member in non-railjack missions! This summon only lasts for 3 minutes (or until death) and then has a 10 minute cool down but is pretty strong when armed with my Chernobyl tombfinger pistol.

We also experimented summoning the Wolf of Saturn Six boss who is crazily tanky (good thing I didn't try this solo), and found he has a chance to not drop any reward! Given it costs Nightwave credits to buy the consumable beacon to summon him, which is not always in the shop, that's kind of annoying. Still, the on call crew member is a good assistant against him. Against anything really, so definitely worth working towards!

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