Tuesday 2 August 2022

Warframe: Nyx and Rhino

Mind and body.

As I'm leveling the Helminth I've decided to rebuild a few old frames before feeding them for worm XP and helping me remember what they were like.


At first glance you might think it's hard to get this warframe as her pieces only drop from Phorid, an infested invasion boss, but in reality you'll get so many blueprints for her when you start going after the Mesa warframe, because Phorid invasions drop a key component to hunt for Mesa. My suggestion is to hunt for Mesa directly and you'll get a Nyx on the way.

That said Nyx is one of those warframes who feels super fragile out of the box but she has some pretty nice abilities if powered up correctly. She can make enemies fight each other, go into an invulnerable sphere that absorbs and then returns damage and she can shoot a mass of psychic bolts that strip armor and shields of enemies that sounds really great once you get into the Steel Path. Still just didn't click for me though, certainly not enough to spend resources to get her to a useful level. Worm food it is.


Collected from the Jackal (aka mercy kill training) in Venus, this is a beast of a frame right from the get go and is perhaps one of the best frames for new players to get. He can charge to rag doll enemies, roar to increase damage (of team mates too), stomp to crowd control a radius of enemies and activate iron skin which boosts his armor. I'm  pretty sure all of these enjoy a lot of invulnerability frames which makes this guy a sturdy choice for anyone early in their Warframe career.

Tank wise I think he does get eclipsed later on by the undying Inaros or ultra-shielded Revenant though as these two have in-built healing abilities (and longer invulnerability phases) which are almost mandatory for late game but until then he's an easy one to recommend.


  1. Nyx has always been an odd one. Even after her re-work to try to improve her she still always fell a bit flat, I think. I wonder if the bug that lets you move at full speed if you pull out your fishing spear still works? Makes her invulnerable while doing melee, but if you swap back to gun then you're slow again... thogh at least the invuln bubble is still up ;-)

    Rhino is still a favorite of mine, at least on defense missions. I run a max strength, range, and duration build at the cost of 45% efficiency, so I can't use abilities often, but.... well..... the massive damage buff from the roar that hits your whole party and the ability to stomp out huge sections of the map (and the rare mob that doesn't get 1-shot is suspended for 17 seconds....) is just too much fun!

    1. I'm planning on giving roar to the Excalibur Umbra as his number 1, because that's what he spams when controlled by AI. Hopefully the roar buffs him and me in a necramech? Haha :P