Tuesday 1 November 2022

1000 hours of Warframe

Having definitely secured its place as my most played game in my Steam library, I thought I'd just put a quick summary of where I'm at as a free to player: Mastery Rank 22 "Dragon", and have played all regular frames so far apart from Gyre which I'm still working on, and the soon to be released Voruna.

My primeframe collection is growing too, with Chroma and Octavia joining the Inaros Prime which was my first. Zephyr and Harrow Prime are also sitting in the foundry waiting for parts and space. As I've gotten all I wanted from the Void Raider mission I'll probably be ditching Inaros soon. Chroma too since he can't seem to do anything well. Maybe Chroma goes first actually.

Boss wise, there are only a few I have left to find, fight and defeat. The last two Eidolons on Earth, the infested alien thing from a star event which hasn't happened for awhile, and the Corpus hero John Prodman in the Index. Favourite boss fight so far is against Nihil who is somewhat hidden in Nightwave offerings. Anyway, super cool game. Just also super addictive. :P

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