Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Warframe: Inaros Prime and the Void Raider

Woo, my first prime warframe! I'm not really doing reviews on Primeframes as other than being shinier and a little tougher than their original counterparts, they are pretty much the same so "Inaros Prime" is just Inaros: but with one key difference - he has a unique and somewhat hidden quest tied to him!

Much like how you get unique voice lines if using Yareli while talking to the Vent-Kids (who view her as a surfing goddess), the Void Trader Baro-Kiteer views Inaros Prime (and only the Prime version) as his "God King". Every two weeks, when he appears at a relay he offers a single quest key to Inaros Prime users to do the Void Raider quest - which is a 10 wave solo only defense in the void where you must defend Baro Kiteer himself AS Inaros Prime to get some nice rewards. Personally I use specters to help with that.

Just thought I'd post this more as an FYI because it's one of those things that's easily missed!

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