Monday 24 October 2022

Warframe: Baruuk and Octavia

The monk and the bard.


All of Baruuk's pieces are gated behind a few ranks of the Vox Solaris syndicate which by default means maxing out your standing in Solaris United before hand. This monk is worth it though as his abilities include evading projectiles as long as he's not attacking (this is his only skill that drains continuous energy), an AoE sleep fart, and to summon a bunch of daggers that both mitigate damage (10% PER dagger) and shoot out to permanently disarm enemies in range. In my build of him I have 17 daggers and the daggers can also be given to your allies, so yes he can be pretty tanky.

The strangest thing is, Baruuk is a try-hard pacifist but each of those already mentioned abilities reduces his "constraint" gauge and when you unleash him using his ultimate, he goes into exalted kung-fu mode which further mitigates damage AND is very impressive to use but requires the augment mod if you plan on actually killing things in the steel path instead of just knocking them down. Fun frame, but its another one that needs warm up before having his full abilities ready (not as bad as Nidus though).


Designated as the best Warframe available currently, Octavia's main blueprint comes from the Octavia's Anthem quest. For her other parts you'll be doing the capture mission on Lua to find all the caches and music room puzzle and the super annoying 20 minute survival on Deimos (pray to RNG). That said, she is pretty awesome! As all her abilities stem from music, she comes with a step-sequencer in which you can compose your own stuff (or steal other pop songs) and anytime Octavia uses a skill she regenerates energy (slowly) for herself and allies nearby.

She can summon a ball that distracts enemies, create a damage zone to hammer enemies (or put it on the aforementioned ball so this zone moves, and create a zone that increases all allied damage based on the noise level. The louder the party, the more the enemies will die! Her most complicated ability is the "metronome" which gives you different buffs depending on what you do in time with your music:

Jumping to the beat gives a speed buff, crouching gives invisibility, shooting buffs shooting damage and meleeing buffs melee damage. It takes some getting used to! That invisibility seems mandatory for survivability though so get your crouch practice in.


  1. Baruuk is actually pretty easy to ramp up his abilities, and if properly modded, stat-sticked, and with a full combo bar he can due red crits with his number 4 for billions of damage... through walls too. All while being unkillably tanky. But since his 4 isn't up all the time and it doesn't actually buld combo meter itself so you have to get it up with your melee weapon beforehand..... yeah. When the Xoris let you build to max combo and leave it there, that was incredibly sweet for a time, but it got nerfed. rightly so, really, but... still.

    Octavia is actually super-easy to use any of the buffs. Just do a song that tosses out a gajillion notes and then you can just spam whatever and you're more or less guaranteed to get the applicable buff -- no timing or practice needed at all. The hardest part is making or finding a song that puts out the rapid notes that still sounds decent-ish and doesn't get annoying.

    1. The Xoris still keeps infinite max combo... I don't use it that way though because I like the double explosion and I'm not a fan of things "warming up". :P Good point on Octavia though - I haven't messed around with the step sequencer much but I also want to use nice songs - not just ones that have lots of notes! ^_^

  2. I went for a middle ground solution with my mandachord song. I recreated Zombie Nation's Kernkraft 400, and pretty accurately too, only I didn't leave any pauses in the melody, instead filling the empty spaces so that every eighth note is played.

    In other words, I can't just spam crouch any way I want to trigger the invis, but I don't need to concentrate on the melody too much either. I "just" need to hit the eighth notes. As the tempo is always the same no matter the song it becomes muscle memory pretty quickly.

    1. Thanks for that tip Mailvatar and sorry it took so long for me to reply! Strangely I'm not finding Octavia to be as OP as I was hoping so she's not getting much use at the moment.