Monday 28 June 2021

BDO: Garmoth

[Part of my Adventures in Black Desert Online]

Having proved my strength to the Sherekhan they pledge to assist my fight against the dragon, and suggest I visit a swampy ruin next where they last beat it. Garmoth's ears must have been burning because the flying beast attacks me twice on the way there with fly by fire breath, but is unable to stop me.  

At the swamp, a dragon researcher sent there previously by the chief of Duvencrune is already hard at work trying to find why the dragon is back and stronger than before. The answer soon becomes clear: someone is feeding it energy from the black stones. Using holy water at Garmoth's nest brings the massive beast into battle. I learn quickly not to stand under the dragon when it flies and also to NOT STAND IN THE RED CIRCLE. :P

That's a big dragon.

Garmoth is a damned HP sponge. Thankfully two platoons of Duvencrune soldiers and the Sherekhan arrive to assist me in what is a very prolonged fight where I am the lone survivor. The chief of Duvencrune rewards me with some nice looking armor (visuals only) for my efforts and I spend a few more days there relaxing before finally heading back to the low lands and training up to reach level 61.

Insight: This battle used up even more health potions than the previous Sherekhan one. Carrying 100 is a good safety net but the trade off is the weight. Pots get heavy!

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