Thursday 17 June 2021

The Irregulars

Diversity just because!

This high budget, one season show is set in the Sherlock Holmes era of London where crimes have taken a dark and supernatural twist. Sounds promising right? Let me dispel that for you now: Sherlock Holmes isn't the main character. It's a gang of lowly street kids who get to solve these horrible crimes because the police can't be bothered?

You know why the cops don't hire them? Because they suck.

In addition, one of the kids has psychic powers and can literally read minds with a mere touch. Despite this, they are hands down the worst detectives in history thanks to some horrible writing. The fact that the gang is strangely racially diverse is a minor point next to this. Sure, you can have an Asian girl and her white sister who likes the black kid and also make John Watson black and gay but only if your writing earns it, not just "because"!

It's a stupid show and every time something cool might happen, the writers somehow manage to make it more stupid. Not recommended at all. One zombie moaning "circle" out of five.

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