Thursday, 18 March 2021

Mice and Mystics: Downwood Tales

Into the forest we go!

After the events from the last expansion, our heroes must venture out of the old castle and into the titular Downwood to overcome new environmental hazards and meet a few new friends as well as many dangerous new foes in 10/11 new missions. The story quality still matches the previous iterations but there are a few clear logic gaps this time around where the designers obviously didn't think "they'd be able to achieve x by doing y" which throws in some jankiness plot wise but over all that's fine.

That Gecko is very Australian.

New in this game is the addition of a "night time" mode which is cool but happened too seldomly in our play through. Also you can run up trees to adventure on cool branch overlays then use a leaf to float back down. This was really nice the first few times but became kind of annoying as a gimmick. The snake is definitely the best new monster, but (thankfully) super rare. The other new foes are decent too with froglodytes and salamarchers a plenty while the huge molox (mole-ox) that keeps getting angrier is not as scary as we initially though balanced out by the fearies who are way scarier than they look.

The three new allies are ok but other than Jakobe's tail ability not too useful, unlike some of the powerful new item cards. You'll probably be sticking to some sort of combination of Nere (with grasping roots), Tilda (for heals), Colin (for extra turns), and one rotating mousey (usually me playing as dodgy Filch) when the missions allow it. There are a few that have hard set party compositions though, so don't think any will be sitting out.

Recommendation wise this is a no brainer. If you liked the base Mice and Mystics and Heart of Glorm then definitely get this one to continue the story. You'll need have those two to play this one anyway. I give this three owls out of five.

Insight: Buy the pine needle darts ASAP. Those are amazing.

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