Tuesday, 23 March 2021

GTFO: R4D1 - Nucleus (Normal - Part II)

Previously, you've found the first code and typed it into the reactor console. Now you are running back to the hold spot for wave two - put both sniper sentries down to assist. It's much like wave one, only you'll finish the cool down counter before the enemies stop spawning - and the last batches are always spikey chargers. No time to waste though, with shotguns taking point push forward when there's a gap back to the reactor room - this time the West door is open.

It's a bridge with two scouts! Our tactic is that I hammer one (cfoam grenade speeds up things) then DL snipes the other. Loot the bridge quickly and do the team scan on the blood door on the other end. DL puts around four mines before opening the door while Jim and I put sentries down from the reactor room end to cover the double scout bridge. Hybrid shooters are again the biggest threat.

Once done the sneaker has to go quick (that's me), leaving my sentry gun for Jim to fill. Jim's also going to hang around to type in the pass code at the reactor as this is also the tightest section time wise while DL comes along to try clear the first bit to help my escape. Note for sneaker: You can still hammer, but don't wake things up!

The path to the terminals: Past the blood door take the right most small door and head West. You can either go up the stairs then down the other side or do a little hop over the edge of the pit to the left (hop is faster). Continue West through the huge arch then turn right into the well lit section, then left. You'll see a small door at the end. Go there and keep that little door open (important).

In the little door, go down the stairs on your left then up the next stairs to the platform. First terminal is on your right. If its not that one, go back to the stairwell and notice stairs going up. Follow them and turn left to find the second terminal. Get the code and hope that there's enough time for your team mate to type it.

Note: I've never made it out of this room before Jim had to type the code so make sure you elect a second terminal tech for the job.

On the plus side, you can now sprint back out even if that means things are following you as you need it clear for later anyway. Remember to pick up your sentry and ammo (ideally) on the way to the hold spot to fight the next wave, which is pretty similar to the last wave. Only more of them and more chargers earlier. Again, you must advance to the reactor room as soon as time / enemy flow dictates even if things are still coming in. As long as the combat music is going it's not safe, so be on your guard and have someone watch your six.

When all enemies are gone, you can proceed to the next area in the South which we'll cover tomorrow!

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