Wednesday, 17 March 2021

Dandara: Trials of Fear

One of the oddest platformers I've ever played.

The world is in peril so Dandara is released to save it! Alas, it turns out she is a bit retarded. Actually no, that would be offensive to retarded people because she is far inferior to all them. Able to hop from white surfaces, she can travel at great speeds BUT for some unfathomable reason can't just walk like a regular person... a skill that even the most basic enemies seem to have mastered.

See that lever to the left? You can't just walk there. You need to jump to the ceiling first.

I get that this was a design decision to make it "different" and sure, they succeeded in that respect. The art style is decent too but the controls suck (to be fair they recommend a controller and I was playing on mouse) and the whole gimmick of wall hopping gets old fast. Not one for me and not one I'd recommend. One flag out of five and not enjoyable at all.

Insight: When they "recommend" a controller, they probably meant to say you "need" a controller. Don't bother trying to play with a mouse.

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