Tuesday, 1 April 2014

End of the March Report

Part of the "Odd Jobs of Neverwinter" journal!

Another week of Foundry Quests was completed. This time our agents tried:

The Deserters Tower @ Horvay [NW-DQ89RVF9W]
A simple slaying of deserters from the Neverwinter Army.

Wizards First Rule: Chapter 2 @ reichlyn [NW-DR8MXWH45]
Stays quite close to the original story, with enough changes to make it interesting. This section is focused on Chase.

Towers of the Night @ rabbitfear [NW-DHUAT52RB]
Part of a Campaign involving Cyric, the god of murder, trying to escape his godly prison.

Entertainment for our Guests @ P3rsian [NW-DL419VVPU]
Simple arena combat, with a selection of varying difficulties.

Troubled Spirits @ kaykachyna [NW-DEJL85AE5]
A quest involving strange animal spirits and witches.

The Heroes Tomb @ redfireee [NW-DSDJQCUC]
Heavily story based mission involving a child gaining some really strong powers.

Temple of Elements: Water @ Tumbuk7 [NW-DP20WEP96]
A fantastic and well designed puzzle challenge.

Rescue in the Silver Marches @doctorbadger [NW-DTSKK80J9]
While the premise is rather simple, this quest oozes with love and care to detail and is highly recommended by our agents.

Back to the Past @ OoKennethoO [NW-DIP7QSSUT]
An interesting time travel tale, part 2 of the campaign which began on the previous page.

Uncovered in Swampland @ Waynemando [NW-DQWLC2CT8]
A straight forward dungeon bash.

Barbara's Mansion @ svena2 [NW-DLMJGTCOF]
A beautiful mansion with nice surroundings that make for a great RP zone.

Marrovyre's Mansion @ Happilujah [NW-DIMNVNT99]
Less of a mansion and more of a hut in a forest. One not really worth visiting. RP only.

Guardians of Helm Guild Hall @ Candle71 [NW-DA7GMOY3W]
An unnecessarily large RP zone centered around Helm's Hold.

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