Wednesday 16 April 2014

Sacred: DeMordrey

[Part of the Sacred Journey.]

Back on track we helped out the folk at Fairies Crossing before crossing the bridge into DeMordrey territory. There were DeMordreyan knights, ronin, wargs, mercenaries, you name it. All of which were hostile to travellers but again, not really much of a threat. As my character enjoys to yell out "No point in fighting, say goodbye and go to hell!". Eventually we made it to the home base of these DeMordreyan troops, Crowsrock Castle which ominously sits atop a tall cliff.

Fortunately the city guards are not hostile, and they let us be about our business within the main purpose of which is to ask their boss, Baron DeMordrey to sent reinforcements to Prince Valor at Wyvern's Pass to fight the orcs. The Baron thinks this is an easy job and gives us his signet ring to take to his Sharuka commander at another outpost further North. I'm beginning to wonder if the Prince is ever going to get his reinforcements at this rate, but to satisfy my own curiousity I take a good look around the DeMordrey stronghold first and find a cave at the back that serves as a barracks and training area for a large force of his guys.

They are ALL hostile. Well, since they're not needed at Wyvern's Pass I decide to use them as training and wipe them out, earning "godlike diamond greaves" in the process and discovering a magic gate at the very back. Stepping through we found ourselves on a small island which is home to DeMordrey's pet DRAGON. If there was a VA line for "holy sh#t" it would have been played now.

Like most dragons, it's better to fight the butt than the face!

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