Wednesday 23 April 2014

Sacred: Home of the Brave?

[Part of the Sacred Journey.]

With the demon horn packed away I was to meet Prince Valor and company at Braverock Castle, the capital of this land. On the way we first came upon Bravebury village though, and the elf ranger Galadreel who wanted help in killing some poachers. There were worse threats though in the form of numerous Sakkara cultists wandering about who had stolen books that needed to be recovered and kidnapped people whom I never found. Annoyingly the cultists also have the paralyzation spell which meant no matter how fast Speedy would run, they would catch me.

Galadreel didn't survive to see me defeat the poachers she wanted removed, led by some barbarian guy. I pushed on to Braverock itself next, which turned out to be a sprawling city and currently well in the clutches of Baron DeMordrey who had since installed himself as king. The previous king died recently you see, and his son supposedly died at Wyvern Pass. Guess he was next in line?

There was a lot in and around Braverock, a bunch of escort and fetch quests within the city limits as expected that serve as the unofficial tour and the rest mostly dealing with abusive people. Abusive officers and husbands, DeMordrey arena champions, murderers protected by the DeMordrey law, slavers wanting their slaves returned (I killed the slavers), demons preventing kids from running to safety, and thieves guild scum trying to out people of their gold. I actually sided with the guardsmen on that last one because the thief guy was really just scum.

Even Sarevok needed help!? Not kidding.

Most worryingly is that there was a two floor, sprawling basement underneath one house that the Sakkara cultists used as a place of worship and torture. Killed one of their high priests down there and rescued a whole bunch of missing townspeople in the process.

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