Thursday, 10 April 2014

NWO: Spiders of the Glade

Foundry construction in Neverwinter Online continues at full steam ahead for me, with my fourth quest "Spiders of the Glade" now ready to play. Please give it a try and leave a hopefully positive review! :3

Quest Name: Spiders of the Glade
Short Code: NW-DUWK7BEE7

Like the previous one it should take around 15-25 minutes and is combat focused. Please bring health potions!

1- Log into Neverwinter Online
2- Press L
3- Halfway down is "The Foundry" section. Press the "More" button next to it.
4- Go to the "Best" Tab.
5- Search for "Spiders of the Glade" (without the double quotes), it should come up on the right hand pane and the author should be @josephskyrim.
6- Accept the Quest
7- To start it, you'll need to get to an exit and find the marker on the overworld map.

You are welcome to try my other quests too, if you have the time. ;)

Quest List so far:
Spiders of the Glade [NW-DUWK7BEE7] (15-25 minutes)
Dirty Rats [NW-DGLB37WLW] (15-25 minutes)
Rebel Incursion [NW-DFHLFGNQY] (15-20 minutes)
One Step to Darkness [NW-DNJC9SK7A]  (1 hour running time)

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