Thursday, 24 April 2014

Farcry 3: Drug Worship

[Part of the Diary of a Marked One]

Looks like our boat guy, Seto, has sent us on another tangent mission and we find ourselves in the vicinity of a pirate controlled village. The scum supposedly have a whole bunch of malaria medicine (something the protagonist in Farcry 2 needed regularly) in their meth lab, a repurposed old style church. First we need to find keys to the doors though, which is not such a difficult challenge since we're back to the red-shirt pirates instead of the more dangerous gold mercenary dudes.

Stabbing and shooting our way forward we find that our objective is indeed within the church, and our next task is to help Seto (now in a truck) get across a nearby bridge which is rigged to explode! This was perhaps the most difficult and tense part, thanks to the near endless swarm of bad dudes and a very visible count down timer. On paper we just needed to forge ahead along the river, using the big rocks scattered about as cover.

Once we pulled off the dynamite from the bridge it became an escort and protect task, with Seto happily driving along - often ahead of us like an idiot. Fortunately with the bad guys distracted it was pretty simple to get the truck to the church then load up the medicines. Ofcourse we couldn't just leave it like that. As Seto drove off we rigged the whole place to explode to send it back to God. I'm sure anyone down wind of the resulting smoke would have had an... interesting day.

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