Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Farcry 3: That's not a Knife

[Part of the Diary of a Marked One]

Who're you gonna call, mate?
After barely escaping the sinking ship (of course it had to blow up while I was on it) I woke up on the beach with Buck standing over me. Did he give me mouth to mouth? Ew. He's obviously wanted his knife but it wasn't on board. Instead I found a glowy magical compass which supposedly pointed to the knife. He let me go on my merry way to find the blade while he went to play with his hostage a bit - ewww. Anyway the compass led me to an old submarine bay, then some mines and finally some dudes tomb. The first two stops were just to get more pieces of the compass and it was ultimately used as a key to open the tomb.

Strange that every location was swarming with pirates though. Were they looking for the knife too? Some of them had begun getting wise and wearing body armor over those singlets, forcing me to be a little more accurate with my shooting and totally out-dating my bow and arrows. Silenced sniper rifle works wonders. Regardless, I got the knife in the end - and when I went to trade it with Buck he tried to shaft me in the back with it. Good thing I've got a high reaction time because it was him that got gutted in the end.

After taking my friend who (I'll call "Bitch", because that's how he acts) to the cave, he told me that the my last comrade Riley was dead. He saw them shoot him. In a fit of rage I stormed out to get vengeance, leaving Liza, Bitch, Pot Head, and Independent Princess to handle the final boat repairs while I met up with a group of Rakyat for another rescue mission, this time for their people instead of my own. It's the least I could have done for them... you know, other than single handedly taking every pirate outpost on the island but I already did that.

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