Sunday 26 January 2014

Farcry 3: Crazy Monkeys

[Part of the Diary of a Marked One]

Once I was free and clear Sam suggested I go take care of some thieving traitors to put myself in Hoyt's good books, but that could wait. Now that I had the disguise it made it so much easier to annihilate all the mercenary outposts since they let me fully recon their bases first each time. Some put up more of a fight than the others but in the end they all fell, just like their tower jammers.

I also took the opportunity to finish off collecting the relics and odd jobs in the region. Some of the hunting ones were getting absurd though - such as killing leopards with a flame thrower and killing bears with your knife. On top of that I earned the highest rank in all the Rakyat weapon trials scattered around the island and collected all the correspondence from the dead japs, finding Hurk's epic quest against the grenade-pin pulling monkey he called Gilbert most amusing.

At least they weren't trained to use rifles!

Eventually I got a call from Sam again to help him defend a drug plantation from a roving band of pirates who placed time bombs within. I'm not quite sure why the pirates wanted to explode all the plants as that sounds... not financially beneficial, but it was a good bonding experience for the German and I as we charged in there and killed all of them. He's such a happy guy.

As a side note: Here's Belghast's review of the game which highlights some valid points of why it can be annoying at times. Anatoli's Game room has one too! :)

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