Friday 3 January 2014

Darklands: Seige of Castle Schauffelin

This is part of The Darklands story.

After telling her tale to the King, the Church and anyone else who would listen, Liore was tasked with simple clerical duties while authorities looked into the matter. Days passed but she heard no word about her allies left behind in the monastery. Her persistent questioning began to draw the ire of the castle officials often leading to her expulsion from the premises.

It struck her as odd then that one day the King of Denmark summoned her to accompany the soldiers "Zubon Ratkiller", "Rakuno Shardim" and "Augratin Nerdly" to hunt the robber knight Felix Schauffelin. He said her previous experiences made her ideal for this task, but something felt very off. She shared her doubts and her recent past to her new company, whom she learned were also all out of favor with the court for various reasons.

Still, Rakuno was a man of honor and led the party to their goal defeating a few of Felix's thugs on the way. At the robber knight's castle for the first time the party was denied entry, so Zubon suggested laying seige to starve him out. After setting up camp out of bow shot a large group of scum came out of the castle trying to break the defensive line. They mostly failed, but Rakuno was cut down in the skirmish.

Two groups of bandits then tried to resupply the castle and only once both were denied did Felix himself and his last man-at-arms come forth. Liore's fear of having been sent here to be "erased" proved true as the robber knight decapitated her before Augratin shoved her spear through his face.

Spear to the face would count as mortally wounded right?


  1. I guess the King of Denmark didn't like much my suggestions on how to decorate his castle. At least I died a noble death!

    Also, thanks for including my name on the "Let's Play". :)

    1. I'd blame the strategist who suggested laying siege to the castle!

      Climb in and jump the robber knight in his bedroom!

      ...said the person who tends to reload 5x trying to pull their squishy but stubborn alchemist out of the way of a very angry raubritter

    2. You're welcome Rakuno! Sorry you didn't last longer though.

    3. Oh and you're playing too Jeromai? :D I never got into the alchemy side of the game since it looked like too much work. Guess that's also why I keep getting caned when it comes to the big fights. ;)