Tuesday 7 January 2014

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

This is a beautiful game which tells the tale of two brothers on a quest to find a cure for their ill father. Since it can be played with two players on one keyboard I got my wife to play as the younger sibling and it proved to be a very enjoyable experience (I love co-op games). As an arcade type player she is just a novice (while I'd like to think of myself at a veteran skill level) but the game provided many learning and practice moments for her to get the hang of things while still advancing the narrative so that it never felt like you were just "practicing" and at the same time had the required skills for the more dangerous situations later on in the game.

While there is voice acting, none of the characters speak any particular language so don't expect to find a subtitle option but that just goes to show how strong the story telling is when the words are unnecessary. I guarantee you'll still understand what's going on as your own mind will fill in the blanks. In truth the only thing I can semi-fault it on is that it only lasted three hours for us to finish, but we were glued from the get go and finished it in one sitting. Despite that I give Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons five out of five giant thumbs up (my first perfect score I think) and highly recommend it to everyone that enjoys a good story with some arcadish puzzle solving.

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