Thursday 30 January 2014

A Short February

Hmm its a short month up ahead with the added side tracks of the winter Olympics starting up, so hopefully I can get through everything I planned to before it ends. As usual, here's the list of things that are coming up on the JVT Workshop! You can find the previous list here.

Up Next in February:

What's on my Radar (done)
Music is Magic (done)
MMOs: Equipment more Heroic than You (done)
MMOs: The Problem With Levels (done)
MMOs: Why We Hunt (done)
MMOs: Need more Heroes and less Soldiers (done)
Review of a Dark Room (done)
Review of League of Angels (done)
Review of Wartune (done)
Review of Lost Planet 2
Review of Warcraft: Starter Edition (done)
NWO: Gateway to the Sword Coast (done)
Dead Island Diary will continue with Dead Island: Riptide (done)
First Chapter of Guild Story
Today I Smiled x2 (2/2)
Finish next NWO module? Really, this has been here awhile. Damn procrastination! :( (done)
Lose 1 kg. (failed, lost/gained zero!)

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