Wednesday 1 January 2014

Darklands: The Great Escape

This is part of The Darklands story.

Imprisoned in the dungeon beneath the Monastery the templars take most of the team's equipment (though somehow Syncaine managed to conceal a mace and everyone still has knives). The lead templar implies that they will be used as food for the next feast and cackles manically as he leaves them in their cell. Fortunately someone is on their side, unlocking the door after a few hours and whispering hurriedly for them to escape before vanishing into thin air.

The four cautiously explore the crypts that double as the templar dungeon, finding a chatty skeleton who Liore returns a bone to. The skeleton informs them that at the top of the monastery is a great demon preparing a powerful ritual. It uses a lot of fire attacks but is quite susceptible to the rather humble flea dust alchemical potion (it makes people itchy. Seriously). Not that it matters as no one was carrying that and also their gear is stored in a trapped / locked chest that none of them can unlock.

With escape being the top priority they find some stairs and climb up, only to run into a bunch of templar guards! River is killed almost instantly while Doone heroically sacrifices himself so that Liore and Syncaine can exit to the courtyard. Armed only with a small knife against six guys in full plate armor and two handed swords he doesn't last long, but the few seconds he buys them are invaluable before eventually he is overrun and knocked out.

Queue Yakety Sax music.

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