Monday, 21 March 2016

The Last Witch Hunter

By iron and fire!

Vin Diesel cannot die. Not just because he's the hero, but because he is "cursed". Man, I wouldn't mind having a curse like that! Through the centuries he's been keeping the witch population in check. Violently.

Thankfully the curse, while gimmicky, actually works into the story somewhat, and it's good to see a whole bunch of familiar faces as the supporting cast: the likes of Michael Caine, Frodo Elijah Wood, and Ygritte "You know nothing, Jon Snow" Rose Leslie.

Flaming swords are cool!

Effects and action wise is really good too, with a particularly interesting take on a bone golem. Amazingly there are more plot holes here than in Terminator: Genisys, but again it's a fun ride and surprisingly one I wouldn't mind watching again. I give it three flaming swords out of five.

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