Saturday, 12 March 2016

Riva: Accused

[Part of the Darklands of Arkania Story.]

After curing Braxwolf of the numb skull illness he caught during the sea voyage, the party is apprehended by a number of guards and taken to the castle where they are charged by Judge Bosper Jarnug for the murder of Malnodir Elin! The sole witness is Gorm the grocer, who Wolfy tortured previously. Fortunately Gorm's testimony is so bogus, Bosper is forced to let the party go free.

Hey maybe he's a fair judge after all...

They take this time to purchase the gear they had to ditch in the sea, and to visit Thorgrim who again is just in his house (with his axe) and offers to rejoin the team. When Braxwolf asked how he escaped the pirate ambush, the dwarf simply replied "Coz I smelled a trap, you idjits!"

Thorgrim doesn't stay long though, because the very next day Tarik finds the party and warns them they are now wanted for the murder of Gorm the grocer! Thorgrim, being the awesome ally who the party literally saved from death, obviously stands by them through thick and thin.

Or not.

With the ungrateful dwarf gone, Tarik advises the party to go to the new Guild HQ in the deeper sewers because the guards won't be so inclined to let them go this time. With not much other choice the party retreats into the cesspool beneath the streets.

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