Monday, 7 March 2016

Riva: Artful Device

[Part of the Darklands of Arkania Story.]

After drinking a lot of health pots the party ventures deeper on the fourth floor until they find a strange chamber with a mosaic. A troll attacks them here but upon defeating it, it changes form into that of an elf. Wolfy recognizes him to be the scum they helped free from the orc fort long ago!

Lord of Ants and Rats...? :P

This encounter is actually pretty cool, because it's basically a "solve the mosaic" puzzle but with a timer, and after every [x] amount of time the shape shifter attacks using a different form. Too bad for him, his elf lord and knight shapes were easily handled. Solving the picture somehow kills him for good, and activates a strange sarcophagus at the mosaic's base.

I like switchy tile puzzles!

With no other dead character in the line up, they decide to throw Thorgrim in and lo and behold - he comes back to life! Sort of. Apparently he's still petrified? Having at last, finished with the tower the team heads back to Riva to report the good news and to celebrate! Oh, and to unpetrify Thorgrim fully thanks to the healer - this costs a fair bit of ducats. The Holberkian's literally throw a feast in their honor for saving their dogs who somehow made it back on their own across the river... Awesome.

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