Sunday, 27 March 2016

Thea: Tears of Peace

[Part of the Darklands of Arkania Story.]

Within the ruined city, the Wolf Pack found the shards of the Cosmic Tree and its mandatory guardian dragon, who refreshingly wasn't really very hostile and was happy to talk. Alas while whatever spell that bound him to his duty had long been broken, he is a beast of his word and refuses to let the team have the Cosmic Shards. Unwilling to risk head on combat, the Wolf Pack just wait until it goes back to sleep and simply steals the shards from it.

This results in the dragon weeping, and me feeling really bad for it.

As soon as they get out of there a band of humanoids led by an orc witch approaches them for a conversation, and Wolfy notes that Thurazz, an orc they once saved, is in the group. Apparently they want the Cosmic Seed to just be protected but never planted. By my understanding if the seed dies then that's the end of all fantasy type critters. If the seed is planted and the light returns, the creatures of "good" will eventually come hunt them. They want it just as it is now to live in peace.

My fresh scars and the skulls on my staff just scream "peace".

Wolfy diplomatically gets out of deciding now, and will simply consider their proposal once the seed is in hand. The humanoids agree to this and wander off.

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