Thursday, 24 March 2016

Thea: Character Building

[Part of the Darklands of Arkania Story.]

As a parting gift before he leaves the area, Theodore also mentions the location of a nearby dungeon the team might find supplies in. Instead they find a plague ghost who has imprisoned himself as to not spread the disease. The only way to fix him is if the team lets him grope someone. Wolfy shrugs and lets him cop a feel, it's not like its the first time that's happened anyway. The team learns from another adventuring group about a nearby herbalist which should be handy should anyone get poisoned or diseased.

They then busy themselves with poisoning the various vermin nests in the surrounding areas, slaying spiders, rats, bats, bees, ravens and the like. While doing so, they come across a werewolf agonizingly "character building" atop a shrine made of silver. While its tempting to slay him while he is weak, Heather Bee persuades him to share some of the silver instead to which the wolf man agrees.

Love the smart arse response.

Back at Hermit's Lake, Talarian has taken charge of constructing and improving the little settlement. It helps that two of the children grow up to be something useful: Cateaclysmic the worker and Missy Sparks, the warrior. Missy gets to see action right away as she has to help defend the village against crazed bees, an action undertaken with sword and pitchfork apparently. Regardless the bees are slain and the village is saved.

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