Thursday, 17 March 2016

The Internship

It might make you Google "Googliness".

When their regular sales gig falls through, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson decide to take an internship at Google to try get their lives back on track, aiming to land a job at the prestigious company (which if all was even is a 5% chance). Having the two non-techie guys totally misinterpret stuff is funny to a degree, as are some of the characters they end teaming up with. Ok, just the asian guy.

Do people really do this?

There are also cameo comedians ham up their very low brow, toilet type jokes and there's an unexpected sequence at a strip club (with nudity of course)! While the comedy was hit and miss for me, the showcasing of the company grounds (which may or may not have actually been Google) was pretty cool, as were the tasks the interns had to take on - though I probably could have done without a live action Quidditch match.

Story wise and acting wise, its an ok story with a number of funny moments. It didn't have me in stiches though and I don't want watch it again. I give it two thumbs up out of five.

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