Thursday, 10 March 2016

Riva: Ocean Interlude

[Part of the Darklands of Arkania Story.]

It is dusk when the party enters the tavern to meet with Malnodir Elin, the potential witness against  the evil judge. As soon as they enter they are knocked out and wake up bound and without any inventory items. This seems to happen a lot in this series. Also of note: Thorgrim is missing! There's no time to ponder on his fate though as the captors make their entry: pirates!

Apparently the team is now on board a ship and are being offered the chance to join the pirate crew (or die). Nice that these guys have a similar recruiting methodology with the Guild, proving both factions are moronic and should be eliminated. Anyway, the idiots leave the team alone to decide - giving them time to free themselves, break out of the bildge and explore the vessel.

A young kid named Yann joins the team early in the escape, claiming to have had enough of the pirates abuse. His knowledge of where things are proves valuable in collecting the party's missing gear, avoiding combat, navigating towards the stern, and escaping via rowboat.

That last part involved jumping into the sea though, and there was a somewhat painful sequence of each member slowly drowning while you decide what gear to discard. Retain too much weight and its insta-death time. Lots of plate armor was lost at this point, but at least the party survived and rowed back to the safety of Riva. Upon docking, Yann gave his thanks and his farewells, running off to his new found freedom.

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