Wednesday 26 October 2022

Adventure Games: The Dungeon

Plays like the old school computer games!

In this 1-4 player cooperative game, you must use your wits to escape from a fantasy themed dungeon which is revealed by placing large tiles with nice artwork as you explore. The story itself is driven by the dungeon story book which feels like one of those choose your own adventure novels. Expect to do a bit of reading!

A single tile will have multiple points of interest and on your turn you get to visit one, read the entry and see what happens. Then you can also try combine two items together, or combine an item with the location. Afterwards, its the next players turn and you are scored based on how much health you have left at the end of each of the three chapters.

Now there is a "save" ability so you don't have to play through this in one sitting, but it was so engrossing that we did and had a blast doing it too! The only downside is like a few other Kosmos games this has very little replayability, but at least you don't need to destroy the components (and throw the game away after) to win it.

Recommended, but just keep in mind this is less dungeon crawl and killing monsters and more puzzle solving and story telling.

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