Monday, 18 April 2022

GTFO: R6BX - Dust (Main)

Rundown 6 was extended last week and the first mission is pretty easy compared to what we were just doing. All you need to do is get to a terminal and type in a command, but you'll need to visit the entire map to gain access to it. Our loadouts were as follows:

Jim: DMR/Shotgun/C-foam/Hammer
DL: DMR/Sniper/Mines/Hammer
Me: Pistol/Shotgun/C-foam/Spear
Archer: Carbine/Scatter Gun/Mines/Hammer

Yep, double mines and double c-foam because there are a number of scans and a number of doors. Most of the map is divided into two "types" of rooms. The ones with regular sleepers which you should absolutely assassinate, and the ones with giants which you should probably stealth, but it's probably better to kill the ones near scan rooms.

Remember lone striker giants are easily killed quietly by four people going for limb break (call which limb to prevent doubling up and also strike from the back for x2 damage). If you need to be noisy the sniper rifle and space can handly giants easy, and if they are bunched together the scatter gun will destroy them just as easy. Shooter giants just strafe while full striking and they die easy, but you'll probably need to shoot their friend.

Clear your drop zone for loot and find the door you need to get through to the North is under lockdown, so head East for a Class IV checkpoint scan. Enemies will attack both North and South doors so mine and ice as needed. We didn't bother doing ice duty and we were fine. After an area with giants you'll find another Class IV alarm with two doors leading to it. Enemies will attack both so ice and mine. You won't be done with the scan when they bust through so fight well.

On the bridge in the room beyond is the terminal to lift the lock down to the objective path, but it is password protected. Enjoy the easy busy work as you first must open the zone to the East to get a key card then open the zone to the South (checkpoint) to get the password to the bridge terminal. Gear up and prep both ends of the bridge as typing the command initiates a pretty long hold. Foam is actually useful here as it slows the waves. Also, the scan area is huge so you can move about a little if you want. We didn't need to, and just held by the terminal to the bitter end.

Once done rejoice! Then sneak past all the giants again and head to that Northern door which is open now and into a zone that features SCOUTS. For us it was one in each room here because we couldn't find the path through. For you, just try go NORTH as much as possible and if you can't go North, look for a door to your West, go through that, and try go North as much as you can again. Breath a sigh of relief as you come across checkpoint door #2 and soon beyond that is the terminal you need to type something into.

As you do so... surprise! You are in the open desert again and there are no enemies for now. Loot the entire area and take note of the little passages you can't go through. You'll want to mine these as sleepers will be coming through momentarily. There will be fliers too coming from the look out, as well as the new rock flyer who is invulnerable except for when he's just about to fire: he opens his eye - a nice target for snipers.

All those monsters spawn once you put the terminal command in, and again you must hold but the scan area is huge so you can maneuver a bit. We didn't, and pretty much held at the terminal again. Survive the scan and you are put right back where you were in the facility. Find the nearby security door which is now open and go for an easy extraction to GTFO. :)

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