Tuesday, 12 April 2022

Peaky Blinders

"Intelligence is a very valuable thing, innit, my friend? And usually it comes far too fucking late."

This six season gangster series is set in England and begins soon after the First World War and follows mastermind Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy) and the rest of his family in their unending quest for power and riches through almost whatever means necessary. Gorgeous cinematography and a good story help it along, and it is rare that an episode ends without you wanting to start the next one.

There always seem to be horses around.

My main gripes with it are minor. At the start I had a hard time understanding the accent, and this might be the only English language show that I needed to turn subtitles on, but after a few episodes I was alright. The second gripe is that, especially in later seasons, there are lots of walking, or standing while the camera pans around shots which seem do be designed purely to let you hear a song / no dialogue or plot advancement. I don't mind if there's some heavy acting taking place while these shots happen, but simply walking or "look menacing for thirty seconds"... eh? All up though it's still a good series and one I recommend.

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