Wednesday, 13 April 2022

From (Season 1)

Better nail those windows shut.

This supernatural horror drama focuses on a little town which doubles as a prison for all the residents and come sun down they must either be indoors or well hidden to survive against the things that eat them. Apart from being a good show that keeps the tension up all throughout, it is also an excellent example of world building.

He rings the bell of doom.

How do people end up in this town? Why can't they leave? How do they survive? What are the monsters? While there are as of yet no full answers given, there are plenty of clues and tidbits of information provided to satiate the viewers ravenous appetite - but it's never quite enough and leaves you always wanting more. Also, big thumbs up for not hiding "the monsters". When they do come out, they aren't hiding in some dark shadows and when they kill you... well. Let's just say there's a fair bit of gore in this series.

Hoping there's a season 2. Highly recommended especially if you like this genre. If you don't, try the first episode anyway.

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