Tuesday, 5 April 2022

Cris Tales

Beautiful... and stupid.

Following on from a game with good systems and good design comes this fully voiced JRPG with excellent artwork and a really cool premise. You play a girl who can control time (or maybe it's the girl's frog, whatever) but only in the general sense of past, present and future.

The art is amazing.

This is good for puzzles where you say plant a tree in the past to get the fruit now, or in battle where you poison an enemy then send them to the future to die. Or simply send an old enemy further into the future and young enemies further into the past to make them cease existing.

Then come the bad design decisions. In battle, where you cannot reposition your party, you can only send enemies to your right to the future and only the enemies on your left can go to the past. What? Then add in that enemies quickly become HP sponges that make fighting a drag and top it off with (after the intro) lets put a random encounter every 15 steps. Sorry, I don't care how good your art, story and music are - if your game isn't fun that it has failed as a game. Not recommended!

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