Tuesday, 26 April 2022

Jaws (the board game)

Dun dun...

In this neat game three players (or one/two players controlling three characters) are cooperatively trying to protect Amity island from a very hungry great white (played my the fourth player) which takes place in two phases, which is almost two different games! The better the humans do in phase one, the stronger they are in phase two and the same goes for the shark.

Phase one is a hidden movement game where the shark player keeps track of their moves on a little hidden notebook simply wants to eat as many swimmers as he can while the humans try track it down using various abilities and obviously try to save as many people as possible. Phase two is the showdown where the heroes then try to kill the shark and the shark either tries to kill them or destroy their boat fully. Each round the shark gets a choice of three locations to attack, locks one in and then the humans get to prepare and strike first if they chose correctly!

Having played both sides I can say that it is quite fun and tense regardless of who you are but it is most tense playing as the great white in phase one. Instead of being a terrible monster you will really feel like the prey! Also it is harder to win as the shark. I came close as a full powered monster once (1 driftwood piece of boat left) but there's a bit of dicing in phase two and the humans simply get more dice. 

Gah, so close!

Very cool and quite fun. Recommended! Rare for me since it's not pure co-op but the way I get around it is the shark player isn't really "against you". He is the dungeon master trying to make the game fun for everyone, but instead of having a whole slew of fantasy creatures to send at the party, he just has one big fish. :P

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